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Welcome to One Percent Better Leader!

I love the topic of leadership! I find it endlessly interesting to speak to others about leadership because everyone's journey is personal and different. One person's style may be completely different from another's and they can both be effective and impact other people positively. There is perhaps no topic more impactful to our lives than leadership in some form or another. We observe and are impacted by leaders in our business, personal, spiritual, and political lives. Every day the news is filled with stories of successful or failed leadership and the impact of it on people's lives.

While the focus of this Blog is leadership in a business setting, I encourage you to apply what you see and hear here to any aspect of your life. I offer no promises here for instant success or magic cures but hopefully my blog can help you move along your journey of leadership. I have experience but am no expert so I hope you share your thoughts and experiences so we can all learn from each other.

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